Contact Training Center


The impact of this programme has successfully increased productivity and quality of service.

Most companies today admit that it is not enough to give people knowledge and technical ability. It is fundamental that workers can integrate and work in teams, communicate correctly and feel motivated.

CONTACT is a specialist in Behavioural Training. For a decade now, we have acquired experience that has enabled us to create our own CONTACT Training Center, where we developed an exclusive training model, ©TRAINING, which specialises in creating and developing bespoke training programmes.

The practical aspect of this model is its differentiating factor – we don’t just do it, we teach you how! It also allows us to provide trainees with tools that help them solve issues according to the strategy defined for each course. By developing the intellectual capital of the trainees, we are increasing the potential for their professional and personal growth and, simultaneously, we are generating all necessary components for the success of our clients’ projects.

Advantages of working with the CONTACT Training Center

  • We are specialists in the creation and development of pedagogical content, with a particular focus on Behavioural Training .
  • We create bespoke programmes, according to the needs of the Clients and with a significant practical aspect.
  • We have a team of Trainers, 100% certified in Teachers’ Training with considerable training and operational experience.
  • We act as partners to our Clients. 
  • Our prices are competitive!