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Some of our Clients’ Testimonials

Banco BEST

Client: Banco BEST

“Training sessions held by CONTACT have been very creative and innovative, with particular care on initial diagnosis, interaction during the sessions and detailed feedback at the end. A special mention should be made to the trainers’ teams with a vast experience in these areas, and an enormous empathy/sympathy and proximity with trainees. We continue to count 200% on the cooperation with CONTACT in its different areas of expertise, a partnership that we intend to keep in the very long term!”

Michael Castelhano

Banco BEST, Head of Training

Banco Espírito Santo

Client: Banco Espírito Santo

“The development of skills… and the recognition of the growing importance of preparing and structuring a contact, as the foundation of sales, are nowadays a priority. The practical feature should be highlighted as it was very well adapted to the bank’s reality… something that is fundamental for the success of any training project.”

Paulo Dias

Banco Espírito Santo,Dir. HR, Training and Skills Development

Banco Espírito Santo

Client: Banco Espírito Santo

“The success of any training lies essentially in the way in which the message is conveyed to the participants and CONTACT, through the competence and performance of its trainers, very efficiently provides moments to reflect on a subject with such relevance today: Excellence in Customer Care!”

Sónia Martins

Banco Espírito Santo, Dir. HR – Training and Skills Development

Companhia de Seguros Tranquilidade

Client: Companhia de Seguros Tranquilidade

“CONTACT’s Training Department has been a true Partner in the challenge to seek a service that differentiates itself from the competition and that allows Tranquilidade to reach the very top of Customer Satisfaction indicators, which has fortunately been happening. The success that we have been experiencing is therefore a result of a joint effort, of complete alignment in mindset and deep empathy. It is based on a true integration of the Tranquilidade/CONTACT teams… sharing ambitions and celebrating achievements.”

João Madureira Pinto

Companhia de Seguros Tranquilidade, Retail Sales Director