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Conflict Management

Understand conflict and learn to use negotiation as a tool for resolution, taking into account the different people involved as well as the correct behaviour and communication style so as to improve individual and team performance, favouring perception, communication, negotiation, leadership and ethical relationship processes.

Energizer, the Power of ZAPP!

Understand the concept, knowing the mechanisms that allow one to start an energizer process, identifying its scope and applying its principles, with a view to improving professional performance through the creation and maintenance of an energised environment.

Relaxation Techniques

Teach participants to improve the relationship between mind and body, reduce anxiety and stress, strengthening unity among participants, promoting individual and team balance.

Sales Attitude

Understand the concept, recognise that attitude is a choice and which steps can be taken for a positive sales attitude. Learn to be resilient and to leave one’s comfort zone looking to improve professional performance by adopting a successful sales attitude.

Emotional Intelligence

Get to know the concept, identify the identity levels of an individual, recognising emotional intelligence as an integral part of personal development. Learn the 12 keys to emotional intelligence, learning to improve professional performance through their development.

Written Communication

Become aware of the concept and of the different types of communication, know how to identify and correct communication pollutants, learn to successfully communicate through writing improving one’s professional performance.

Motivation Workshop

Understand the concept and learn to be a motivator through the strengthening of the motivational disposition, understanding the steps needed to attain motivation, providing new energy that will be reflected in the productivity and attitude at work, fostering team spirit.


Get to know the concept, recognise what it is to be an entrepreneur and know what defines an entrepreneurial attitude. Learn to conceive and create and action plan that promotes the development of an entrepreneurial attitude.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Get to know the concept of personal marketing through identifying its bases. Learn to be a successful product by applying personal marketing tools.

Senses, do you Dare to Get to Know Them?

Identify acting styles, recognising the importance of the senses in interpersonal relationships and the specificities of each style, adapting behaviours and applying the techniques in everyday work environment.