Customer Care

Nothing is more valuable to your business than your customers. 

CONTACT has more than 13 years managing customers of our clients. 
Our management model is based on the engagement with customers and on delivering high standards services. Quality, efficiency and satisfaction based on the best market practices is our commitment.

Welcome Calls

A good start is crutial to your business. Build a close relationship with customers from the beginning. Use our Welcome Calls Services to engage with your customers and use it as an opportunity to get feedback about your product our service. Feedback is a gift.

Customer Service

One interaction, a million opportunities. Our teams are focused on building up the customer experience and to improve the customer loyalty. Deliver high service level based on customer needs is our goal. Our professionals are always listening to your customers and ensuring a closest involvement with your brand.

Technical Support

The best skills for your business. Our technical teams have not only the technical skills but also the best customer management skills. Sometimes doesn’t matter what you say, the important is how you say it.

Complaints Management

Build long-term relationships. “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”, Bill Gates. We have specialized teams to handle unhappy customers and recover their confidence. Improve customer loyalty with our Complaints Management Services.