Who are CONTACT’s services aimed at?

At all companies or organisations that intend to communicate, via a contact center, with a large group of contacts, with a large scope of objectives. We ensure a complete service, through the integration of a large group of communication channels supported by a state-of-the-art VoIP platform.

Are CONTACT’s services only suitable for large companies?

No. CONTACT cooperates with companies of all sizes that are interested in having more effective ways to do business and to communicate with their clients and partners.

What are CONTACT’s competitive advantages?

• Pricing models based on shared risk. We are focused on your success.
• We establish solid partnerships based on trust and open common goals.
• We guarantee success with our experienced operational teams.
• We offer an integrated outsourcing or co-sourcing services portfolio: we manage Contact Center services on our facilities or directly from our client’s premises.
• We develop state-of-the-art technology to manage Contact Centers, which allows to establish contacts on a multichannel environment.

What are the advantages of Outsourcing?

Outsourcing brings to your company the experience and know-how of Call/Contact Centers without the demanding task of managing them. Advantages:
• Knowledge: it saves work and costs in business area that is not your ‘core business’.
• Efficiency:we define and manage service quality levels that must be complied with.
• Flexibility: services can be adjusted to the constant changes in the needs of your business.
• Technology: access to recent technology and infrastructure without large investment in fixed costs and without the risk from constant change in technology.
• Transparency: no hidden costs. You will have constant access to your operation, team and management data.

What benefits does CONTACT provide to its clients?

Through its integrated communication system in a multichannel environment, CONTACT allows you to:
• Build a better customer experience and improve the customer loyalty
• Manage all customer touch points
• Manage an increasing number of contacts
• Guarantee an increase of the service level provided
• Improve sales opportunities based on our expertise
• Increase profit margins: gains in efficiency and cost reduction
• Make expensive contact centers profitable.

What is our value proposition?

Solution innovation and proactivity – At CONTACT we are our clients’ partners in the approach to new projects and in identifying ideas and solution, even if outside the scope of contact center.
Flexibility – CONTACT has the expertise and experience to manage resources that allow for a quick and efficient implementation and resizing of contact center operations.
Price – We offer one of the most competitive pricing in the market. We offer a clear cost-benefit ratio and in a way that is geared at your needs.
Environment – The environment is organised to favour optimisation and productivity of operations in terms of the adequate use of space, effectiveness and motivation of workers.
Advanced technological platform – CONTACT has taken on the evolution in the market and presents itself as the largest 100% VoIP contact center in Portugal. This new technology allows us greater flexibility and new solutions for the client.
Notoriety and credibility – CONTACT takes the stance of market leader in the sector, as the company with greatest growth in the last three years.

What is our Mission?

To satisfy Clients with efficient solutions; to set and reach our goals, anticipate trends, and identify opportunities. To contribute to the individual and collective development of all our team members.

What is our Vision?

We want to be acknowledged as leading partners in all the markets we operate in, through our transparent, efficiency-orientated business models, thereby creating value for our Clients, Employees and Shareholders.

What are the Values by which we operate?

Integrity – our relationship with our clients, employees and suppliers is based on the highest moral and ethical standards, thus complying with market-wide best practices. 
Transparency – our relationships are based on mutual trust, with constant sharing of experiences and key corporate practices and processes. 
Action – our flexibility and energy are a true reflection of the constantly changing marketplace, and hence maximise success.
Success – we make our Clients’ goals come true, guaranteeing added value to our shareholder and optimising our Employees’ growth and individual success.
Corporate Social Responsibility – our entire operations are geared towards contributing positively to the community in which we find ourselves, and to society in general.